About Us

We are a small organization that has working owners. Back in 2005 when we started we had 3 working owners with 3 employees. Things have grown since then and we have 19 employees now. We are a down to earth company that will go that extra mile to help the contractor get his job completed. We also try to keep that philosophy with our employees when they need something. Some people say we are too nice but that’s just the way we are. I guess that is how we would like to be treated and treat others that way. We try to be an efficient hard working crew with the physically demanding work and usually succeed. We are community orientated and donate time and money to several organizations in the communities that we have worked in. We are people that like to work and play outdoors. When we have time off we like to go camping, fishing, atving and usually go on a long weekend camping trip together. Even in the winter when there’s no work we even try and find things to do together. It’s like a big family that helps each other out.